About Us

Our philosophy

There is probably nothing as intangible and difficult to define as Art. It’s a question of perceptions, values and culture that seem to touch something inside us … to connect with your senses and give us a sensation of awe. To each one of us it is something different.

At SYNTHESIS we take these intangibles and make them realities through attention to detail, keeping focused on our clients’ needs and not losing sight of our philosophy …. to create an event which could be interpreted as a work of Art.

Our team

Michalis Maragopoulos
Savvas Garozis
Vice President
Kyriakos Ligkris
Managing Director
Nikolaos Stamatatos
Commercial Director
Angeliki Soubasakou
Congress & Events Manager
Tatiana Zombola
Congress & Events Manager
Despoina Nikolopoulou
Congress & Events Department
Alexis Giovanis
Financial Manager